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For Adults & Juniors who have had range lessons and would like to take their game to the next level we recommend an on-course lesson at the beautiful Markham Green Golf Club (9-holes).  Our on-course lessons are organized in a group of three students with each golf coach who help navigate each person from tee to green.  These on-course lessons are perfect for beginners, intermediate to the experienced player to learn course management, trouble shots, rules/etiquette and more.  Our golf coaches have an on-course lesson solution to help each person achieve their individual golf goals (examples: Accuracy, Distance Control, Consistency, etc.) in a fun, and structured environment as you play the golf course.

On-Course Lessons are available (May to October) at Markham Green Golf Club.


What Format are On-Course Lessons?

Our team of golf coaches help people of all levels learn to enjoy golf for business or with family and friends. ⛳️💯

Register and Pay (below) for a 2.5 hour session to get started today!

On-Course Lesson Pricing

(1) 2.5 hrs On-Course Lesson

Price per person in a group with Golf Coach

(3) 2.5 hrs On-Course Lessons

Price per person in a group with Golf Coach

(5) 2.5 hrs On-Course Lessons

Price per person in a group with Golf Coach

(8) 30-mins. On-Course Lessons (Save More Per Lesson)

Price per person in a group with Golf Coach

*Green Fees & Cart to play on the golf course are not included in lesson pricing. 

To book an On-Course lesson: Contact Us

Important Info

*Facility Fees:

Facility Fees for Range Balls are not included in range lesson pricing as prices fluctuate depending on the high and low season so we have taken them out to save our customers from overpaying and to save the range members from paying twice.

*When taking a Range Lesson at Metro Golf Sportsplex

You can Pay as You Go  or buy a Value Card  which can be used any day or time (each one has a total of 2.5hrs of prepaid time slots on the card) to cover the time/unlimited range balls (during the golf lessons) directly from Metro Golf Sportsplex when you arrive. For bigger golf lesson programs we recommend a Membership which can be used to help you practice between golf lessons during the winter/spring and summer/fall month

*When taking a Playing Lesson at Markham Green Golf Club

You can Pay as You Go to cover the green fee directly from Markham Green Golf Club when you arrive.
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