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Are you having issues with your Tee Shots, Approach Shots, Pitching, Chipping or Putting?
If you are having issues with your full swing or short game on the golf course or on the driving range, send one of our Power Lesson golf coaches videos showing your swing issues using the free V1 Golf app. The V1 Golf app offers an affordable and convenient way for golfers to access personalize online golf lessons from an experienced Power Lesson golf coach.
See the quick steps below to simply send us videos in one key area to work on at a time:
  1. After installing the free V1 Golf app from the app store capture your golf swing from two points of views at a practice facility or on the golf course using the app’s recording feature.
  2. Shoot some videos on the range or on the golf course from two angles if possible.
  3. Send it to Power Lesson using our online lesson scheduler.
Bonus – Follow-up Lesson (send us another video if you are having the same issue)
Online Lessons are available 12 months of the year from your location.
What Format are Online Lessons?

Our team of golf coaches help people of all levels learn to enjoy golf for business or with family and friends. ⛳️💯

You can download the V1 Golf app for free below to get started

Online Lessons – Video Analysis

Your Online Golf Lessons can be scheduled within the next 12 months. Send us your video from two angles: Down-the-line and Face-On using the V1 Golf app.  Our Power Lesson golf coaches will send you back a detailed Video Analysis solution with some bonus Drills. You can also DM Power Lesson from within the V1 Golf app with any golf related questions.

(1) Online Lesson – Video Analysis

1 area of your golf game + 1 follow-up

(3) Online Lessons – Video Analysis

1-3 areas of your golf game + 3 follow-ups

Click below to download the V1 Golf app for free and set up your profile now.
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